Ghastodon's Lair is a dungeon that consists of and is the home of the Air Titan Withodon.

Dungeon InfoEdit

  • Mobs: Skeletons, Blaze and Wither
  • Cooldown: 12 hours
  • Players: 8 - 20
  • Player Lives: 1


The dungeon is a square lair considered to be at the heart of a Nether Fortress. The inside walls are covered with lava and the floor is made of of several layers of Netherrack. Below these layers is a layer of lava.

Dungeon MobsEdit

The dungeon consists of Blaze and Withodon



  • The first phase is during the time his health is above 50% and during this time he will fire fireballs and arrows at the players, destroying the Netherrack below.
  • The second phase is below 50% health and he will cast lightning at players.


  • 30% Diamond (x5)
  • 20% Obsidian Block (x10)
  • 10% Diamond Sword (x2)
  • 10% Diamond Chestplate
  • 10% Diamond Pickaxe
  • 10% Diamond Axe
  • 10% Diamond Leggings
  • 10% Diamond Boots
  • 10% Diamond Helm
  • 3% Diamond Block