Lady is one of the first members of Realm of Silence. She is known for running around whichever town Kentela
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lives in.


  • Names: Lady, Narwhal, Lady Narwhal, Lady of the Narwhals, Nar
  • Status: Active
  • Current Occupation: Hotel and Strip Club owner.
  • Previous Occupations: Fireworks Specialist, Pyromaniac, Writer, an Adventurer like you, Skyrim Gaurd.


Lady played on the first world with her younger sister, NarwhalBlubber, and did not use chat or interact much with the community for most of that time. Her sister eventually got bored of the server, so Lady began interacting more with the server community. She built her own house next to the nether hub that had a view of the lava sea, and is the one who reccomended the rule against killing pigmen, due to the fact that pigmen trying to kill her on sight meant she couldn't leave her home. Lady went on an IRL vacation and drifted from the game for a week or three.

Lady returned on the third map after AbyssalShane had pm'ed her on the Minecraft forum. Lady then created a dirt island above a jungle (which she proceeded to rarely visit) and started her own fireworks business next to Kentela's stables.

Currently she lives in Kentela's town inside a hill, and operates her own hotel and sheep strip club, called "Hill Home Hotel".

Lady is also known as the Guardian of Pine - a village she lived in that was overrun by zombies. This is written in the lore, chapter 2.