The glorious tale of ArdjeEdit

Ardje a relatively new member of the group but has already gone through alot of things. Ardje is known for his endless mining trips, modern buildings and his everlasting love for donkeys. His one and only ride is his loyal donkey Donkeymus Prime

Ard started his adventure on the 10th of august, 2013. Once he entered the server he fought his way through a wave of monsters and ending up searching for safety in the stables of 'the one obsessed by horses' Kentela. Here he grabbed some melons and headed towards the mountains in the east. He passed Alexowners house. He kept walking for about 500 blocks and found a cave. He searched for shelter in here and encountered his first dungeon. He cleared the room of skeletons with his small wooden sword. He set up his base in here, not realizing he was only 100 blocks away of DanRx his base. Once he rode away he gifted it to him. 

While he was looking for a good spot to start a base the message 'The map will now be downloaded to be uploaded onto the new server, everything you do know won't be saved' appeared. Ard heard: 'For the next 24 hours all crime is allowed'. Shit went down and the map got uploaded to the new server. Due to chunk errors the map got destroyed. All the hard work got deleted and the server started with a new map.

On this map Ard decided he was tired of living alone. He walked and he walked, he found a donkey and tamed him. This donkey is now known as 'Donkeymus Prime'.

At a certain point Ard found an NPC village. He decided to settle there. When msunc came online Ard invited him to join him in his village. He now lives with msunc, crispybacon96 and Dynmo. 


  • Names: Ardje, Ard, Ardyfarty, 'the never quiet one', 'the horse slaughterer'.
  • Location: The always sunny and warm Netherlands.
  • Occupation: Miner.