The Apocalypse of the Elements is chapter 8 of the lore.

The Apocalypse of the ElementsEdit

Mat had returned from the Pit of Vile with news that would later shake the realm. There was something greater in the world, greater than zombies, a bigger threat than anyone on the realm could handle. He had found the end of a drainage pipe, a long winding path of sewage from something that hadn’t been disturbed since the birth of time. Mat rushed out, scurrying back to his village. He alerted Archon and the other people of the realm of the threat that lays before them now.

It was too late, however. It had awoken and it was not pleased to wake to its world being tormented and ripped apart. Monsters started spawning and fires started igniting, the whole realm was ablaze. Archon and other members tried to hold the evil off but it was too much, even if they were successful, the world would still be harmed beyond belief. Archon opened a dimensional rift and started to pull the world’s data through to another setting. His partner, Nylex, defending him through the transition, holding off withers, blaze and ghasts. The amount of destruction was enough to destroy the world and the great defender Nylex had protected him through it all.

The process was complete after a lengthy wait and the world now sat peaceful. People’s homes were rebuilt and lands were reformed. For a while, the apocalypse was forgotten along with the beast that came with it, left to rot in the depths. The being that sent the evil was too powerful for this world to contain, though. It started breathing, moving under the feet of those who fought it. This world was now corrupt, it moved parts of itself due to the damage it had sustained. In order to cure the world and get rid of the evil below, Archon made yet another world. Did the creatures follow? They were older than time and a dimensional rift wouldn’t stop them.